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YMU-HKBU Joint Laboratory of Traditional Natural Medicine

YMU-HKBU Joint Laboratory of Traditional Natural Medicine was co-established by Yunnan Minzu University and Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. As an independent research institute, the laboratory focus on the research and develop (R&D) of traditional natural medicine. And its ultimate objective is building the laboratory as an important base, which not only plays significant roles in the R&D of conditional natural medicine, but also cultivates international talents. Professor Zhaoxiang Bian severs as the director of the joint laboratory, assisted by professor Baomin Fan who severs as the vice director.

There are more than 30 researchers work in the joint lab, including many top scientists such as Albert S. C. Chan (Academician), Zhaoxiang Bian (associate vice-president of Hong Kong Baptist University), Aiping Lu (president of the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University) and Baomin Fan (distinguished professor in Yunnan Minzu University). Other researchers including doctors Yongyun Zhou, Guangzhi Zeng, Jingchao Chen, Chengyuan Lin, Junlin Yin, Jiang Wu, Jianbin Xu, Ruhima and the master students.

Five major research directions are included in the joint laboratory: (a) material basis in traditional natural medicine; (b) modification and activity research of small molecules; (c) interactive mechanism of the active medicine ingredients (d) clinical study of medicines (e) potential druggability of the natural products.

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Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology

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